Ravens Fuel The Sky

by Drakonis

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    Tracks 4 to 6 are bonus songs, originally recorded under the working title of "Order Of Shadow". These were added to show how the band have developed over each recording phase.




released April 7, 2015

Cass Cassidy Lead Vocals
Saul McMichael Guitars/ Backing Vocals (Main Vocals on bonus tracks)
Tommy Hewitt Guitars
Lee McCartney Drums
Stephenie Dickey Bass

All tracks written by Drakonis
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Saul McMichael
Artwork by Saul McMichael
Band Logo by Lee James (Cyclops Jesus Design)



all rights reserved


Drakonis Northern Ireland, UK

Drakonis of Northern Ireland, blend a mixture of contemporary black and death metal, to create something without the limitations of one genre. Not wanting to work to a strict template, the band dips in and out of both styles to create music which is both atmospheric and uplifting, yet devastatingly brutal. ... more

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Track Name: Ravens Fuel the Sky
The moon is full and red with blood
Ripped apart by lidless, piercing eyes
A wave of sudden carnage falls
An icy screech that calls from mountains high

Conceptions of forgotten power
Still alive in ancient eyes, ravens fuel the sky
My feelings turn from dread as hunger grows
A rain of wings and bloody beaks, slash and pick on bone

Feel my sorrow, feel my hell, feel my terror
The endless flapping and screeching I hear within myself
Feel my anguish, feel my pain
The endless ripping and biting I feel upon my flesh
Track Name: Fear of the Wretched
Fear of the wretched
Fear of the shapeless being
Fear of the wretched
Unbecoming, unbefitting of the
Night, the coming storm, the endless burning dawn
Engulfed, in mist and flame, a wave of fear and in it's
Break the shapeless stands.
In its break the shapeless lives.

Fear of the wretched
Fear of the fragile silence
Fear of the wretched
Unbecoming, unbefitting to the
Night, the coming storm, the endless burning dawn
Engulfed, in mist and flame, a wave of fear and in it's
Break the silence stands.
In its break the silence burns down

Ohhhhhhhhhhh slumber brings prophecy
A web of stars, to weave your endless dreams
Interpretations of titanic significance
These dancing shapes with primitive elegance
You fear the wretched, you fear the grip upon yourself

Fear of the wretched
Fear of the shapeless being
Fear of the wretched
Unbecoming, unbefitting to the night.
Track Name: Skeletons (Bonus Track)
Ahhhhhh skeletons attack
Relentless click of bone
This grimness , these lifeless
Forms invoke thy shadow lord
The shore now tainted
Begin this festered scourge

Scourge of the festered night

Un wanting to believe,
Unwilling to comply,
Unknowing of the coming rain of blood that fills the sky

This ghastly day this ghastly night
These evil forms with beastly flight
Encourage death and speak thy rite
The sky is cloaked …..removed from sight
You fuel my will and feel my presence
Strip your soul…your very essence
This scourge is real not myth nor lore
Prepare to feel this scourge of war

Skeletons and dust

A hollow wind does speak their name over crashing waves
A whistling shriek calls all who dare
Track Name: Unleash the Night (Bonus Track)
Unconscious to the world, to the day, to the dawn, to the night

It’s a forging of a new day
Slumber welcomes prophecy
Interpretations of an old undoing
Undoing legacy

It’s a forging of a new cold morning
Frost encrusts your moonlit pane
Beyond the walls of your primitive thinking
A web of stars to weave your dreams

These unwanted dreams that are highly confusing
Encounters with visions of terrible doings
Awake to the screams of a new terror looming
Deafening echoes of nightmares renewing
……………………….I am not without fear
Of the shapes and the shadows through dark windows peer
……………………….Unaware of the dangers
That lurk in my dreams that are constantly near

Dancing shadows spread like flame
Moonlit symbols spell my name
Track Name: Beneath the Storm (Bonus Track)
Beneath the storm I crawl in terror, beneath the storm I wait forever
I wait to see your ghost uncovered, by lightening flash and mist
Beyond the mist I see your image, revealed and draped in endless shadow
Your haunting form wails out and beckons, and lures me deep within

Returning of the day drowns out the dark
Your shapeless form blacks out the sun

You ghost doth breath my name..
Endless tales of grieving spirits…

Beyond the mists and shadow, bring them forth, let them blow, set me free
My kingdom now a memory, bring them forth, let them blow, set me free

A crimson clash beneath the stars
Through timeless night and pouring rains
A freezing mist, a sword of fire
We join our powers and face the wind

My journey to the ever frost, these frozen tears I’ve cried
I’ll walk this land of frosty whures until the day I die